Time Table

Personal Coaching Timetable

Come in during any of the times below and our trainers will be available to train you. No bookings required and there will be a personal trainer to train you at no extra cost. The trainer will push, motivate and guide you through a goal specific workout.

6am – 12pm6am – 12pm6am – 12pm6am – 12pm6am – 12pm9.30am – 12pm
4pm – 8:30pm4pm – 8:30pm4pm – 8:30pm4pm – 8:30pm4:30pm – 7:30pm

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The gym is also open for regular use all day from these hours:

6am – 10pm6am – 10pm6am – 10pm6am – 10pm6am – 10pm9:30am – 6pm10am – 6pm

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9:40am Boxing + Cardio
5:30pm – 6pm Boxing + Core Functional Cardio + Core Full Body Circuit
6:30pm – 7pm Full Body Circuit Upper Body + Abs Legs, Booty + Abs Functional

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