Our coaches and dietitians will sit down and chat with you to understand how your mind, body, social and work life operates.

We want to get down to the nitty gritty to see how you tick – we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to get to know YOU.

From that first consultation we’ll help you to establish both short-term and long-term goals, along with a nutrition plan to suit your lifestyle, fitness level and physical ability.


Next it’s time to kick start your training with a free trial, where we’ll conduct an initial fitness assessment session with you so we can review your physical abilities and fitness level.

This is also a great opportunity for you to see how we operate.

Our Witfit coaches will do a full review to tailor an individualised health and fitness plan to ensure we get everything that’s needed to help you achieve your goals.



Body composition scans and measurements. A body composition scan allows us to review a deeper understanding of your body make-up with comprehensive measurements instead of just looking at the scales. This scan assists setting realistic goals about losing fat, toning up, and putting on muscle.



You have the option of a sit-down consultation with our dietitians so they can put together a nutrition plan in accordance with your goals and dietary requirements.



New workouts every week that are allocated and tailored to you

At the beginning of each week our coaches prepare 12 brand new workouts which are displayed on a weekly rotating menu. These consist of six functional fat burning workouts, and six workouts based around strength and conditioning.

At the start of each week we’ll ask you to update us on your weekly schedule, so we know how many training sessions you will be able to attend. Of course, we welcome and encourage you to attend as many as you like, but we also understand that life gets busy and each week can differ.

Once you confirm your availability for the week, our coaches will then allocate the appropriate goal-specific workouts especially for you within your schedule. (Nb: This process is reviewed on a weekly basis to assist with your fitness goals.)

Workouts are tailored to each individual and in addition to these workouts your coach will add in extra programming depending on individual goals, rehab, fitness levels or other health issues.

Our service is very much designed and tailored to meet individual needs.


Once your workouts are allocated, you then have the flexibility of coming into the gym anytime during our coaching hours and having a trainer available to you to take you through the workouts.

Our friendly trainers will be there to welcome you as soon as you set foot inside the gym, eager to get you started on your path to success.

We’ll also be there to monitor all your sessions and beware – if you miss one, we’ll chase you up!

Your success is our success.


Flexibility to come in whenever you want – no bookings necessary.

Train for as long as you want, or as short as you want.

No group classes, you train on your terms and at your own pace with your own workouts.

Witfit coaches are available to you to suit your needs – eg. provide you with specific assistance, help with training techniques, support you with lifting, rehab exercises, or motivation to help you dig deeper.

Your membership also allows you after hour access, so you can come in any time, coach or no coach.

The Witfit Coaching timetable means you will have access to trainers 10 hours a day, any day of the week


Our Witfit app lets you communicate with coaches and dietitians 24/7.

Our dietitians use it to develop nutrition plans, track your daily nutrition and give you instant feedback on food choices. Moreover, Our Coaches use it to create custom workouts, keep track of your progress and if you have a fitbit we track how hard you work in the gym.


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