Corporate and Team Challenges (Work or Sports team)

All programs can be tailored for beginners to the super fit – No membership fees

Let us prepare a personalized fitness challenge for your team at work or sports team.

You tell us how many people want to do the challenge and how many weeks you want it to go for.

We can run 1 or 2 private group sessions a week aswell alongside the challenge.

Everyone has fun, everyone gets fit.  We will do testing and measurements at the beginning of the challenge.

Cost: For a price please get in contact with our team. Price will vary on the number of attendees and period of time for which you wish the challenge to run.

 Whats Included:

Complete workout guide with calendar and marked days for you to come in

Personal Trainers available to you 6 days a week to come in and complete

your workouts. (Constant supervision and motivation from our team)

All you have to do is walk into the studio and the trainers will tell you what to do

how to do it and spot you. There will be no cheating or easy options

Trainers will be on your ass all the way through.

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