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We have no bookings

You can come in anytime during our coaching hour’s and find trainers ready for you.

We supply each member with a brand new personalized workout each time they come in

Members do not workout in a group – they do their own goal specific workout catered to their fitness level. Witfit Trainers make sure you never do the same workout twice, brand new workouts are prepared for members for the week ahead.

We have created a friendly, welcoming, non-intimidating gym environment

With a strict no douche bag, no sleazebag and no hero’s policy.

Witfit Health Club was born in 2013 because we wanted to create a gym unlike no other that addressed most of the obvious issues that are trending in large commercial gyms and in group fitness gyms.

We found gyms were either heading towards the 24/7 gym direction that offered no customer service, low gym membership prices and expensive hourly rates if you wanted a personal trainer.

Or gyms were headed in the direction of offering boutique group fitness circuit style training, which came with expensive weekly memberships, non-tailored workouts, repetitive fitness circuits and waiting around for classes to start rather than going in when best suits you.

As a result we created Witfit Health Club Mulgrave and we specialise in offering a tailored one on one personal coaching service each time you come in for your workout without the traditional hourly fee required for a personal trainer.

A comparison to Witfit health club would be a similar service to that of a restaurant. We have a designed fitness menu of different exciting and challenging workouts that our trainers prepare weekly for our members to choose from.

1) As a member you would walk in our doors and be greeted by a trainer straight away.

2) You and your trainer would then workout out your weekly training schedule e.g how many times you intend on working out this week. Then with your trainer you choose from a selection of pre-prepared workouts to fit your schedule and fitness goals.

3) You then tell us how long you have to train per session . eg. 30min .. 40 min .. all night or all morning, . and a witfit trainer would then take you through your workout, making sure your technique is spot on, you are pushing yourself as much as possible and maximising your time spent in the gym rather than dawdling and doing a boring repetitive routine.

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